Delphic Laboratories

Delphic Laboratories (Kent) Ltd, based at Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne, is focusing on the growing interest in pharmacogenetics and on research into why genetic make-up can influence the performance of a particular drug.

Founded in 1999 at Kent Science Park, the original company, GenoVar, was acquired by Delphic Diagnostics in 2005. The Kent operation has a sister facility in Liverpool which specialises in pharmacology including the measurement of HIV drugs in patients.

Operating under strict and highly regimented working practices, Delphic provides a specialist HIV diagnostics service to pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations and hospitals.

Identifying a commercial opportunity, Delphic developed a genetic test for specific antigens in the blood – a test which is now used routinely throughout the UK and will shortly be supplied to hospitals in Italy and Spain. The company is also developing further tests for HIV, hepatitis and other therapy areas.

Delphic also applies its expertise to the clinical trials sector, providing real-time testing, data management and coordinating sample logistics in the US, South America and Europe.

The company has secured the highest medical accreditations in the UK, Europe and the US. The Kent operation is expanding, with plans to take a further 1,500ft2 of laboratory space at Kent Science Park to meet the increased demand for testing from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Dale Smith, Laboratory Director said: ‘The company originally chose Kent Science Park due to its close proximity to major clients in the South East and the availability of suitable premises.”