Thames Gateway Museums

Discover a wealth of museums in The Thames Gateway

5 fascinating museums where you can discover the rich history of the region

North Woolwich Old Station Museum

Get a sense of what the London railway system had in store for passengers 100 years ago with a visit to the museum’s locomotives, carriages, models and reconstructed 1920’s ticket office. There are interactive exhibits for railway lovers old and young, and special events for the school holidays. Younger visitors can also climb aboard and operate the controls of Dudley the Diesel.

Walton Hall Museum

See how the people of Essex lived hundreds of years ago, watch traditional craftsmen at work and get a taste of bygone farm life by baking your own traditional additive free bread! There is also a children’s play area and an exhibition space in the restored 17th century barn that is also home to the National Motor Roller Collection.

Dutch Cottage Museum

The history of this cottage, built in 1618, dates back to the time of Cornelius Vermuyden, the Dutch engineer who was employed to drain and develop Canvey Island in the 17th century. Many Dutch workers and their families settled in the area and lived in distinctive octagonal cottages, one of which has now been preserved as a museum.

Sittingbourne Heritage Museum

With archaeological finds from the Bronze Age and Roman period and exhibits from the Middle Ages, this museum has lots to discover. It’s also a great place to visit to get a feel for how our more recent ancestors fared in the 19th and 20th centuries, in wartime and peacetime.

Firepower, the Royal Artillery Museum

Firepower has rebuilt a military heritage site, the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, into a world-class visitor attraction. Built in 1716 as the birthplace of the Royal Artillery, it now tells the story of the men and women who have served as Gunners in the Royal Regiment of Artillery since it was founded. From the Roman Empire to National Service and Napoleon to the Cold War, Firepower and its historic riverside location provide a truly memorable experience.