Closed Loop

Closed Loop Recycling

Closing the environmental loop at Dagenham Dock

Closed Loop Environmental Solutions was founded in Australia in 2001 and is now a world leader in environmental packaging and recycling solutions. Having been highly successful in Australia Closed Loop wanted to set up a base in the UK and they considered London, Wales, Manchester, Merseyside and Scotland as potential options with a preference for London.

Closed Loop worked with Think London, the London Development Agency’s inward investment agency to set up its new operation in the capital. The location chosen by Closed Loop was Dagenham Dock – a major regeneration area within the Thames Gateway – and a key hub for environmental technology businesses. The combination of access to high quantities of waste from both London and the wider Greater South East combined with excellent infrastructure and the ability to build a whole new manufacturing plant, made this the perfect location for the business.

Closed Loop was also supported by Gateway to London who helped to introduce them to a series of partners and business networks. As MD Chris Dow explains the cost advantages of the Thames Gateway were a key reasons for choosing to locate in London.

“At one point coming to London seemed to be potentially cost prohibitive so we looked at Wales, Manchester, Merseyside and Scotland. Thanks to Think London, we were introduced to the London Development Agency and through them we secured a site in the East of London. We’ve been able to make the whole thing add up and we are thrilled”.