London South East

Access to one of the fastest growing populations in Europe

Locating in the Thames Gateway provides your business with access to the huge and growing market of the Greater South East – the largest and most affluent in the UK

The Greater South East is the region with the fastest growing population in Europe and home to 21 million potential consumers. This represents 35% of the entire UK population, and alongside almost 753,000 VAT registered companies, it’s a huge source of consumers as well as a rich network of other businesses to do business with.

Within the Greater South East, London represents a particular opportunity. A report commissioned for the Mayor of London, showed the capital’s population is likely to grow by nearly 750,000 in less than 15 years, from 7.47 million today to 8.15 million in 2016. The Thames Gateway has been earmarked to accommodate much of the population growth of both London and the Greater South East, and this growing population represents a huge opportunity for businesses to take advantage of.

Additionally, the excellent strategic position of the Thames Gateway extends the market further with the close proximity to mainland Europe, coupled with superb, direct transport connections, putting the EU’s population of 459,500,000 potential consumers within reach.

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