Where to Invest?

Where to invest? This question benefit of everyone who cares about his future, and who are or appear periodically cleared funds. For someone standing financial transactions and value for money – a profession, and someone makes a different way and can not decide on those who trust the available funds. To those for whom value for money is not the main kind of activity, calculated this stuff. Today we’ll talk about how to invest money in the bank.

Thus, the most important thing for any investor is making a profit, so you need to invest money. The concept of benefit for his own, but as a rule, its size depends on the labor of the investor, as well as risks.

Consider the case when a person does not have sufficient financial knowledge, but simply wants to invest money and make a profit over time.

The most popular method of investing money is to open a deposit account in a bank. They (banks) to take the investor have surplus funds by a certain percentage of borrowers and offer them loans, thus gaining benefit.


Invest money in the bank – the safest and most appropriate method for those who do not know where to invest money and do not particularly want to be introduced in the financial mechanisms of the state.

The benefit here is obvious: the bank – this is not one man, his speed does not depend on health status or mood of certain individuals, it is – a large financial institution to which your investment will be a small fraction of total assets. If you have an attachment 10, 20 or 50 thousand – an important financial transaction, then the bank – is a familiar everyday process.

At the moment, Ukrainian banks are offering to invest money for various interest rates. In the interest range is in an area 12-20% per annum (depending on the conditions of deposit).

Contributions are different, and various banks in their own name, but the essence are. If you want to invest money and are confident that over a period of time (3 months ago. 6 months. A year or several years) they will not need them; you will approach a term deposit without the possibility of extension and early termination. It should be noted that even under these conditions, banks have provided the possibility of termination, and you may lose interest or even part of the body of the deposit.

If you have any spare capacity, but you can not be firmly confident that after a month they will not be necessary, should be chosen with the possibility of removing deposits of the deposit. In this case the ideal contribution to the possibility of making money on the card: any free resources – refers to the bank, and replenish the account if necessary – withdraw the money from an ATM.

In any bank managers will advise the appropriate deposit plan; your task is only a preliminary review of proposed bank interest.

What are the risks when investing money in the banks? Of all savings deposited money in a bank deposit account – one of the most secure. Agree, very rarely can hear news reports that the bank had collapsed – had gone bankrupt. Since independence, Ukraine whom there are only a few pieces.

Thus, if you have spare cash, you do not know where to invest money, but want to save them for later use, the most logical option – take them to the bank.

Personally, I prefer bank and keep their savings under 19% per annum (this is – not advertising), there are banks that offer higher interest rates or lower. I believe that we should not worry about the very possibility of bank. If he is in the market for over 5 years, has more or less recognizable brand and branch network, besides offer no sky-high interest rates (up to 20% annual) – its services can be safely used.

If after reading the material response to the question: “Where to invest?” Has become a subject for you (you know what your choice – the bank, but do not yet understand the details), the next time we talked about the currency in which to keep their savings. Torque – native, euro – reliable, the dollar – the most famous – so often find novice investors and are sharing, though not always necessary.

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